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Codeless API Contract Testing

Levo lets modern development teams ship fast, and NOT compromise on quality & security.

Build resilient APIs and prevent disruptions to critical customer/partner integrations.

API Contract Testing

Contract Tests are Isolated, Fast, & Cheap

Contract testing (aka Schema Conformance) is a lightweight form of API testing that strictly checks the content and format of requests/responses. Unlike functional tests, contract tests do not validate the logic or consumer flows of APIs.

Contract testing really focuses on ensuring that spec files such as Swagger or OpenAPI, properly fulfill contracts between API consumers and producers.

API Testing Pyramid

Contract tests don't require a full featured end-to-end environment, run in isolated/mocked environments, and are extremely fast & cheap.

They give developers confidence that services will run and perform as expected in production, without actually testing in production.

Contract Tests Put APIs Through The Wringer

Contract tests identify numerous interoperability issues, and vulnerabilities in APIs, such as:

API Contract Defects

Embed API Contract Tests in CI/CD Quality Gates

Levo auto-generates and orchestrates, codeless API Contract Tests in CI/CD.

API Contract Tests in CI/CD

You can embed Levo's contract tests in various stages of your software delivery pipeline via CI/CD Quality Gates.