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Version: v1

Session ID in URL (Via URL Rewrite)

Session ID in URL Rewrite

What is it?

Many users disable cookies as a security precaution in their browsers. In such cases, APIs that use cookies as the authentication mechanism, resort to embedding the session ID as a query parameter in the URL.

This is done by rewriting the original API URL with a new URL that has the session ID as a query parameter.

This is insecure as URLs can be cached, logged, and are generally visible in the browser. So any URL that has a secret (session ID) is likely to leak the secret, and lead to account takeover, etc.


Test case FAQs

When is this test case applicable?

This is applicable for all API endpoints when the Baseline security category is enabled in test plans.

How does it work?

Responses sent by the API server are analyzed for redirects to rewritten URLs that have session IDs embedded as query parameters.

What is the solution?

Use bearer token based authentication for APIs. Alternatively use cookies instead of session IDs in the URL.