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Quickstart on Mac / Laptop


  • Docker Engine version 18.03.0 and above

Copy Authorization Key from

The Levo-all uses an authorization key to access

  • Login to
  • Click on your user profile.
  • Click on User Settings
  • Click on Keys on the left navigation panel
  • Click on Get Satellite Authorization Key

Copy your authorization key. This key is required in subsequent steps below.

Install Levo-all (Sensor, Satellite and Log Parser)

The Sensor-Satellite setup can be run with the following docker command -

docker run -e LEVOAI_AUTH_KEY=<your-auth-key> \
-e LEVOAI_ORG_ID=<your-org-id> \
--net=host \
-v ./logs:/mnt/levo/logs

Required Environment Variables


    • Description: The Satellite CLI authorization key from
    • Default: ""

    • Description: Organization ID for your specific organization in your app.
    • Default: ""


  • For more information on the environment variables, refer to the Environment Variables section.
  • For more information on log parser, refer to the Log Parser section.

Please contact if you notice health/connectivity related errors.