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Install Satellite

1. Prerequisites

  • You have an account on

    Depending on the region you are installing in, you may need to use India-1 to create account.

  • OS Compatibility script indicates the Linux host (that you want to instrument with the Sensor) is compatible.
  • At least 4 CPUs
  • At least 8 GB RAM
  • The Satellite URL should be reachable from the Sensor.
    • The Collector listens for spans from the eBPF Sensor on port 4317 using HTTP/2 (gRPC), and port 4318 using HTTP/1.1.
    • The Satellite listens for spans from the PCAP Sensor on port 9999 using HTTP/1.1.

2. Copy Authorization Key from

The Satellite uses an authorization key to access

  • Login to
  • Click on your user profile.
  • Click on User Settings
  • Click on Keys on the left navigation panel
  • Click on Get Satellite Authorization Key

Copy your authorization key. This key is required in subsequent steps below.

3. Follow instructions for your platform