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Quickstart on Kubernetes

This quickstart guide will help you install the LevoAI eBPF Sensor on a Kubernetes cluster.


  • Kubernetes version >= v1.18.0
  • Helm v3 installed and working.
  • The Kubernetes cluster API endpoint should be reachable from the machine you are running Helm.
  • kubectl access to the cluster, with cluster-admin permissions.
  • At least 4 CPUs
  • At least 8 GB RAM

Copy Authorization Key from

The Satellite uses an authorization key to access

  • Login to
  • Click on your user profile.
  • Click on User Settings
  • Click on Keys on the left navigation panel
  • Click on Get Satellite Authorization Key

Copy your authorization key. This key is required in subsequent steps below.

Add Helm Charts Repository

helm repo add levoai && helm repo update

Add LevoAI Auth Key

export LEVOAI_AUTH_KEY=<'Authorization Key' copied earlier>

Install Satellite

helm upgrade --install -n levoai --create-namespace \
--set global.levoai_config_override.onprem-api.refresh-token=$LEVOAI_AUTH_KEY \
levoai-satellite levoai/levoai-satellite

Check satellite connectivity

Execute the following to check for connectivity health:

# Please specify the actual pod name for levoai-tagger below
kubectl -n levoai logs <levoai-tagger pod name> | grep "Ready to process; waiting for messages."

If connectivity is healthy, you will see output similar to below.

{"level": "info", "time": "2022-06-07 08:07:22,439", "line": "", "version": "fc628b50354bf94e544eef46751d44945a2c55bc", "module": "/opt/levoai/e7s/src/python/levoai_e7s/satellite/", "message": "Ready to process; waiting for messages."}

Install eBPF Sensor

# Replace 'hostname|IP' & 'port' with the values you noted down from the Satellite install
# If Sensor is installed on same cluster as Satellite, use 'levoai-collector.levoai:4317'
# Specify below the 'Application Name' chosen earlier.
helm upgrade levoai-sensor levoai/levoai-ebpf-sensor \
--install \
--namespace levoai \
--create-namespace \
--set sensor.config.default-service-name=<'Application Name' chosen earlier> \
--set sensor.config.satellite-url=<hostname|IP:port>
--set sensor.config.env=<'Application environment'>

Check sensor health

# Please specify the actual pod name for levoai-sensor below
kubectl -n levoai logs <levoai-sensor pod name> | grep "Initial connection with Collector"

If connectivity is healthy, you should see output similar to below.

2022/06/13 21:15:40 729071  INFO [ebpf_sensor.cpp->main:120]    Initial connection with Collector was successful.

Please contact if you notice health/connectivity related errors.