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Compatibility Check

The Sensor is currently supported on Linux Hosts & Kubernetes running directly on Linux.

Levo provides a simple bash script that checks your Linux host for compatibility.

Execute the following on the Linux host you want instrument with the Sensor:


If you want to audit the script prior to running, you can download it


Host is compatible!

If your host is compatible with the Sensor (as reported by the script), you can proceed with the installation.

Host is NOT compatible

Levo can provide a custom build of the Sensor that is compatible with your system.

If the host is not compatible, it is very likely due missing BTF info. BTF provides the Sensor with essential type information required to instrument the host. Most modern Linux distributions come prepackaged with BTF.

Please contact with the diagnostic information provided by the script. We will provide a compatible Sensor promptly.

Supported Platforms

Please see Platforms.