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How do I run a Data Driven Test Plan?

Below are the high level steps for running a previously generated Data Driven Test Plan.

1. Check Test Plan State

  • If your Test Plan is in the Config Complete state, goto step 3 below.

  • If your Test Plan is in the Config in Progress state, goto step 2 below.

  • If your Test Plan is not in either of the above states, please contact Levo Support (

2. Configure Test Fixtures

Data Driven Test Plans may require some parameter data to be configured for the API endpoints, prior to execution.

Please follow detailed steps outlined here, to configure parameters via Test Fixtures.

Your test plan's Runnable status, and number of test cases runnable will auto update as you configure required parameters.

The Test Plan will be Runnable if at least one Test Case is runnable.

You can always continue to step 3, even if you have not completed configuring parameters for all Test Suites, and Test Cases. This is OK as long as the Test Plan is in the Runnable state.

Test Cases that are not runnable, will be skipped during execution of the Test Plan.

3. Download & Configure environment.yml

Your test plan may have an auto generated environment.yml associated with it.

If it was auto generated follow the steps outlined here, to download and configure it appropriately.

2. Execute Test Plan via CLI

Follow instructions here to execute the Test Plan via the CLI (Test Runner).

3. View Test Results

In the Levo SaaS console side panel, click on Test Runs and navigate to your most recent test run results.