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Configuring Test Fixtures

Test Case Level Fixtures

Above is an example of a test case for the endpoint GET /identity/api/v2/vehicle/{vehicleId}/location.

This endpoint requires a valid value for path parameter {vehicleId} for successful invocation. This requirement is shown in the Parameters table in the test case. Not Bound indicates that a valid value is required to execute this test case.

Levo autogenerates fixtures for these required API parameters. These autogenerated fixtures are located in the code block of the test case (see below).

Here is a zoom in view of the autogenerated (commented-out) fixture for vehicleId:

#@levo.fixture(name="vehicleId", location="path")
#def vehicleid():
# return "Enter Your Value Here."

Steps to Configure Fixture

  1. Block select the fixture code in the editor, and use CMD + / to uncomment the fixture code.
@levo.fixture(name="vehicleId", location="path")
def vehicleid():
return "Enter Your Value Here."

  1. Now enter a value for the vehicleId that is valid for your live API endpoint that you want to test.
@levo.fixture(name="vehicleId", location="path")
def vehicleid():
return "649acfac-10ea-43b3-907f-752e86eff2b6"

In the above example 649acfac-10ea-43b3-907f-752e86eff2b6 is the value that will be used for vehicleId, when executing this test case against a live API target.

  1. Remember to save the changes you made.

You are done!