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Azure API Management

Policy-based Instrumentation


  • You have sufficient permissions on Azure to configure API Management policies.
  • The Satellite has been successfully set up and is reachable (via HTTPS) from the resource group.


To instrument your Azure API Management endpoints, the following steps are required:

  1. Configuring named values
  2. Adding the instrumentation policy

Configuring Named Values

Follow the steps in the official Azure docs to add named values to your API Management instance.

The following named values must be configured:

LevoOrgIdYour organization's ID.
Obtain your organization's ID from or by clicking on your profile picture in Levo's dashboard, and navigating to User Settings -> Organizations.
LevoTracesEndpointThe URL to which traces should be sent, e.g.
LevoEnvThe environment in which the apps will show up in Levo's dashboard, e.g. production or staging.

Adding the Policy

Follow the steps in the official Azure docs to add a policy to your API Management instance.

Copy the contents of the policy.xml file in the levoai/azure-apim-policy repository on GitHub and paste it into the policy editor.

Ensure that the policy is added at the API Scope.

Logs-based Instrumentation

You may also use Azure API Management Logs to instrument your APIs. Visit the Log Parser page for more details.