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Install eBPF Sensor

i. Prerequisites

  • Compatibility script (from step 1) indicates the Linux host (that you want to instrument) is compatible.
  • Satellite has been successfully installed.
  • You have noted down the Satellite's hostname:port or ip-address:port information.
  • The Satellite is reachable (via HTTP/s) from the location where you are going to install the Sensor.

ii. Pick an Application Name

Auto discovered API endpoints and their OpenAPI specifications are show in the API Catalog, grouped under an application name. The application name helps segregate and group API endpoints from different environments, similar to how file folders work in an operating system.

Pick a descriptive name which will be used in the subsequent step below. For example: my-test-app.

iii. Follow instructions for your platform

Follow instructions for your specific platform/method below:

Sensor Lifecycle Management

Uninstall Sensor

helm uninstall levoai-sensor -n levoai

Get Sensor Logs

kubectl get pods -n levoai

kubectl logs -n levoai <pod name>

Upgrade Sensor

  • Uninstall Sensor
  • Reinstall Sensor

Manage Sensor Configuration

Please refer to Sensor Configuration, and Applying Configuration Changes.