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Cloudflare Worker


  • You are using Cloudflare for DNS, and you have proxying enabled.
  • You have sufficient permissions on Cloudflare to create workers and configure worker routes for your website.
  • The Satellite has been successfully set up and is reachable (via HTTPS) from the worker.

Deploying the Worker

Using the CLI

Follow the steps below to deploy the worker to your account.
You can obtain your organization's ID from or by clicking on your profile picture in Levo's dashboard, and navigating to User Settings -> Organizations.

# Clone the worker repository
git clone
# cd into the repository
cd cf-worker
# Install all dependencies
# Authenticate with Cloudflare
npx wrangler login
# Deploy the worker
npx wrangler deploy
# Add your organization ID as a secret
echo <VALUE> | npx wrangler secret put LEVO_ORG_ID

That's it! The worker has been added to your Cloudflare account.


You must also add LEVO_SATELLITE_URL as an environment variable for the worker if you are hosting the Satellite yourself.

Check the repository's README for a list of all supported variables.

Configuring Websites to use the Worker

Follow the instructions in the Cloudflare Docs.


When adding a worker route, ensure that the failure mode is set to "Fail open" to allow requests to bypass the worker in case of unexpected errors or if the daily request limit runs out.

Adding a Cloudflare Worker route