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Sensor via Docker

Install via Docker


  • Docker Engine version 18.03.0 and above
  • Admin (or sudo) privileges on the Docker host
sudo docker run --net=host --rm -it levoai/pcap-sensor:0.1.1 \
./bin/init apidump \
--satellite-url "your satellite url (http(s)://hostname|IP:port)" \
--levo-env "your application environment (staging, production etc.)" \
--levoai-org-id "your levo org id"

Specify additional flags in the command

--trace-export-interval "trace export interval in seconds (default 10)"
--rate-limit "number of traces per minute"
--filter "pcap filter string, eg. port 8080 and (not port 8081)"
--host-allow "host allow regex"
--path-allow "path allow regex"
--host-exclusions "host exclude regex"
--path-exclusions "path exclude regex"