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Sensor on AWS ECS using Terraform

Install on AWS ECS using Terraform


  • Access to AWS ECS.
  • Terraform CLI installed.

1. Creating a Task Definition

Download the


Run the following command in the same directory -

terraform apply

Enter the Collector URL as prompted to create a task definition in your AWS account.

2. Run the Sensor

Now that we have created a task definition, we will start our satellite up as a service in an ECS cluster.

  • Open the levo-satellite task definition, and click on the latest revision.
  • Head over to deploy and select Create Service.
  • Choose the cluster you want to deploy the satellite.
  • Under Compute Options select Launch Type as FARGATE. If you have requirements for your EC2 nodes, refer to our pcap-sensor.
  • Leave the other configurations on default settings, and start the service.

3. Verify connectivity with Satellite

i. Check Sensor health

Check the health of the Sensor by checking the task health in the AWS ECS console.

If the Sensor is healthy, you should see the task running similar with the Running status.


ii. Check connectivity

Head over to the logs for the sensor's task and you should see output similar to below if the connectivity is healthy.

2022/06/13 21:15:40 729071  INFO [ebpf_sensor.cpp->main:120]    Initial connection with Collector was successful.

Please contact if you notice health/connectivity related errors.

Please proceed to the next step, if there are no errors.