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Sensor via Docker

Install on Linux host via Docker


  • Docker Engine version 18.03.0 and above
  • Admin (or sudo) privileges on the Docker host

1. Install Sensor

If you are installing the Satellite and Sensor on the same Linux host, please do NOT use localhost as the satellite-address below. Use host.docker.internal, or the Linux host's IP address or domain name instead. This is required as the Sensor runs inside a Docker container, and localhost resolves to the Sensor container's IP address, instead of the Linux host.

# Replace '<satellite-address>' with the values you noted down from the Satellite install
# Specify below the 'Application Name' chosen earlier. Do not quote the 'Application Name'
sudo docker run --restart unless-stopped \
-v /sys/kernel/debug:/sys/kernel/debug -v /proc:/host/proc \
--add-host host.docker.internal:host-gateway \
--privileged --detach levoai/ebpf_sensor:0.40.0 \
--host-proc-path /host/proc/ \
--satellite-url <satellite-address> \
--env <'application-environment'> \
--default-service-name <'Application Name' chosen earlier>


The default address for the collector in Docker-based Sensor installations is This address assumes that Levo is hosting the Satellite for you, and you must also specify an organization ID when starting the sensor (with the --organization-id flag). If you wish, you may also host the Satellite yourself and specify the address of the collector in the self-hosted Satellite to direct the Sensor's traffic to it.

2. Verify connectivity with Satellite

Execute the following command to check for connectivity health:

# Please specify the actual container name for levoai-sensor below
docker logs <levoai-sensor container name> | grep "Initial connection with Collector"

If connectivity is healthy, you should see output similar to below.

2022/06/13 21:15:40 729071  INFO [ebpf_sensor.cpp->main:120]    Initial connection with Collector was successful.

Please proceed to the next step, if there are no errors.

Sensor Lifecycle Management

Uninstall Sensor

# Get the container id of the Sensor
docker ps | grep "levoai/ebpf_sensor"

# Remove the Sensor
docker rm -f <container id from docker ps step above>

Get Sensor Logs

# Get the container id of the Sensor
docker ps | grep "levoai/ebpf_sensor"

sudo docker logs <container id from docker ps step above>

Upgrade Sensor

  • Uninstall Sensor
  • Pull new Sensor image
docker pull levoai/ebpf_sensor:latest
  • Reinstall Sensor

Manage Sensor Configuration

Please refer to Sensor Configuration, and Applying Configuration Changes.